Byreen has partnered with Australia Post as one of our Couriers for it's Delivery of items. Freight has been calculated on these costs. In the event of a better freight option for you being available we may send goods via that transit method.

Domestic mail - Undeliverable articles
An article may be deemed undeliverable if:
  • in the reasonable opinion of the delivery driver it does not bear an address sufficient for delivery; and
  • it is endorsed, or is otherwise known to the courier service, that the addressee is unknown or does not receive articles at the address on the article; or
  • there are no receptacles or facilities for receipt of the article or the receptacle or facilities provided are inadequate.

Refused Articles
Where in the reasonable opinion of the delivery driver an addressee has declined to accept delivery of an article or where an article has been placed in a box or bag in which the addressee usually receives articles and is subsequently returned endorsed with an indication that the addressee has declined to accept delivery of the article, the article shall be deemed to be refused by its addressee.

Method of dealing with unclaimed articles etc.
When an article is unclaimed, refused by, or undeliverable to, its addressee, the article shall be returned to Bygreen.

Express mail
We guarantee delivery of Express Post articles within specified times between specified places, delivery times to your address will be determined by the address.
An article that is booked for delivery by the Express Post service between places where the destination has not been specified shall not be guaranteed delivery within a specified time.
Delivery shall not be guaranteed and the article may be deemed undeliverable and returned to the sender where:
  • non-delivery or delivery is caused by events beyond the control of our courier services including, without limitation, strikes, industrial disputes, labour unrest, natural disasters, Acts of God, floods, fires, weather conditions, war, civil unrest, an incorrectly addressed article or if the article is an express post platinum container, or parcel the premises are unattended or there is no person present to whom the article can be delivered in accordance with these terms and conditions; or
  • the addressee has requested a redirection of articles before delivery by the Redirection Service or otherwise.